the alchemies and my journey


All centred soul sound transmissions are delivered through alchemy crystal singing bowls (Alchemies). They are powerful sound healing tools made of pure ethically mined quartz blended with crystals, precious gemstones, minerals and precious metals.

All of the Centred Soul® alchemies are from Crystal Tones® who have taken time to perfect the unique and patented manufacturing process. Each bowl is unique offering its own wisdom and consciousness.

sound transmissions

Sound transmissions are an offering to support your soul journey. The vibration of the Alchemies is a very physical experience when received in person. From my own experience and others the sound recordings are equally powerful given: the focused intention bought to each recording; the days on which they are recorded being energetic amplified portals; the space within which they are recorded (my healing lodge and recording studio); my energy and ability to hold scared space and that we are operating on a quantum level.    

The base material of the bowls being quartz crystal, offers sonic amplification, transforming, storing, focusing and transferring energy. The bowls differ from traditional metal bowls and the their sister bowls (white classic frosted) as the Alchemies are amplified with the energy of a variety of other crystals, precious metals and elements.

This combination creates an alchemy with each bowl offering its own unique, note, frequency and consciousness. This alchemy is further expanded when the bowls work as team, the location in which they are played, the day they are played (for example new and full moons) and the player themselves.

Moon embrace
my journey with the bowls

I’ve never paid too much attention to notes and frequencies because alchemical sound and its effects, I feel cannot be defined – we just don’t have the tools yet. Systems that define which note or gem relate to different energy centres is useful but its limited. Instead I’m guided on what to play – I hear the bowl and how it wants to be played in my inner ear. I find this very humbling (and to be honest in the past, fearful) to trust my instinct and intuition and move with that rather than trying to define it in a linear way through a system.

My journey with the bowls started in 2013. I have included links to a bowl analysis and reading prepared for me in 2019 by Genevre Jolie of the Alchemies in the U.K. I’ve found it helpful to provide some perspective on the offerings of the bowls but in truth I feel we can only move with what we are drawn to. Just click on each bowl name to find out more information.


The first one (Emerald) appeared in a dream in 2013 – I wasn’t even aware at that time that alchemy bowls even existed. I forgot about the dream of the Emerald bowl until it arrived in my life in 2017. It was owned by my brother Harnaik Mann (unbeknown to me and I had never shared that dream with him). He had bought the bowl in 2016.

He came to live with me, my two children and Satch our dog. He had previously lived in San Francisco and Canada. The reason he came to live with us was because he had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at the age of 31. It was a devastating blow and we were both on mission for him to heal.


I was his carer for nearly two years and in that time he became the guardian of three other bowls: Rhodocrosite, Smokey Quartz and Sunstone. It was an honour to care for my brother during those years, and he took care of me. It was an intense healing process for both of us and the depth of love and soul connection is something that will resonate through my life on this earth and beyond.

The Emerald Bowl

My brother transitioned in early 2019 at the age of 33. It was a beautiful but soul wrenching experience. We were both held by many light beings and I have a lot of gratitude for our earth base support network.

I can see now that he was handing on a baton if I wanted it. As part of Genevre’s reading she provided information on the significance of Harnaik’s bowls (see here).

My time with Harnaik and our combined healing journey bought many lessons and they continue to unfold. I feel part of this experience was to show me what healing actually means. The physical dimension of healing is a extremly limited view, its very relevant to but it’s only part of the picture.


The Andara bowl was the fifth bowl to join the team and the first bowl that I actually bought. I call it my soul bowl and its note is described as a third eye frequency. It doesn’t have a description from crystal tones. That was really frustrating for my mind at the time but the bowl really resonated at a soul level, it made me cry when I first heard it. I have since grown to understand Andara’s at a soul level and my calling to them. I was grateful to Genevre for providing for information on it in the bowl reading.


The sixth bowl that joined the team was an Ebony Morph Again it was a third eye bowl and although my mind didn’t agree I knew it was an important part of the team. It’s morph nature means that it’s been through its own healing process. The reason for this was that as it was formed a crack or wound appeared. This bowl then had to be re-fired to be formed as it is now.

Morph bowls are rare in this sense and are considered to be powerful bowls having gone through their own healing process. I have a deep connection with all the bowls but I really resonate with the morphs because I too feel like I have been through an intense healing process to stand here to today and share what I do. The Ebony Morph is 3hz different in frequency from the Andara. Together they create a delta wave.

Ebony Morph

The seventh and eighth bowls came in together the Divine Mother – Throat Master (ruby, gold, diamond, platinum, sliver and kyanite) and the Lepidolite with Mother of Platinum – Third Eye. To me they felt like mother and daughter, they spoke to me and showed me images. I felt held and safe. I received the Lepidolite before the Divine Mother came in.


I didn’t even hear the ninth bowl before I knew it was part of the team. I saw it and it called to me. I just held it and I knew. This again was an Andara with Mother of Platinum Morph. It plays in a root earth note, and for me there is a deep sense of high frequencies grounding into the earth. To me the sound echos like the heart beat of the earth.

Andara With Mother of Platinum Morph

The tenth bowl to join the team was Moldavite – Sacral, with this bowl I just had a strong sense that moldavite needed to be part of the team. I contacted Genervre. She said that she normally doesn’t receive many Moldavite bowls but one had arrived that day. As I listened to it, its frequency was around 1hz in difference from the Emerald. They sound extremely similar but I trusted my inner guidance. This bowl is a bridge to the stars and for anyone who has ever worked with moldavite it is a very activating meteor stone.


The final bowl to arrive was the Selenite bowl – Sacral . This bowl arrived after the analysis Genevre provided so I offer the information provided by Crystal Tones in the link. This combined with my own knowing of the Divine Feminine rising, my deep connection with the moon (also being a Cancerian), my own experiences pre birth and a young age provide a steady inner knowing that I’m here to do important work. This ‘work’ has become a beautiful play of offering my gifts of sound, paintings, words, video, and me just being me. I feel very blessed and at home within myself.


The arrival of the Selenite Bowl seemed effortless and was shown to me in a dream on the first night I slept in the healing lodge. On waking I was, to be honest frustrated because I didn’t have the funds – but I knew it was important and I trusted my instinct and guidance provided in the dream. I called Genevre and a Selenite bowl had arrived that day. On listening to the bowl, I realised it was again 1hz away from the Emerald and Moldavite bowls. They were a trinity that focused on the adrenal glands and also represent the earth, moon and stars. That day, the funds were gifted to me from a very unexpected source without even asking. It was clear that the selenite was meant to join the team.

Collectively, the bowl notes are said to correlate to the different chakras, developing chakras and the endocrine system of the human body and beyond.  That was never my intention when this journey began, it all seemed to unfold with its own timing.

They continue to guide me and are highly intelligent beings. When I play I ‘hear’ which one to strike next in my inner ear. They guide me (much like my painting process) on where they wish to be placed and how to be played. I am honoured to be of service to them and to you.

Although I am their guardians for now, I have a strong suspicion they are fostering me…