harnaik’s alchemy bowls

(From Genevre’s reading). The energies of Harnaik’s bowls reflect a gift from Love to himself, but always for all. Living and transitioning in love, transmuting fear. 

His healing in this life has been gifted to you. Harnaik is your soul’s companion of many many incarnations and the connection is for always.

These crystal beings were Harnaik’s healing and journey bowls, they reflect his awakening, healing and harmonisation.

If you choose you can receive all the fruits of these lessons, realisations and the gifts in the wisdom through these bowls. These gifts always celebrate the enlightenment within your incarnated family line and also more universally on the polarity aspects; healing of the masculine, supporting of the feminine.

Remember all the act of love and wisdom learned was given within the gifting itself not the bowls… the bowls themselves are neutral and it is up to you how and if you work with them now in relation to your own spirits journey back to the soul.

Harnaik at a Lucidity Festival, somewhere near Santa Barbara
Me and Harnaik at Colour Festival 2018 Wimborne Dorset UK
Harnaik and Satch in Bath June 2018