visual transmissions


The visual transmissions contained in the centred soul app were captured by me Kamala, in the sacred space of the Forestside Healing Lodge.

This space is home to twelve alchemy crystal singing bowls and is supported by a crystal grid in the earth and rests next to a natural stream, a Grandmother Willow tree, three Red Cedar’s and a Bamboo tree all holding the magical space of creation.

The painting process begins with setting intentions and moving into an inner empty space inviting the visual transmissions to be born. A sound transmission is offered to the ceremony and then I am moved to paint.

 I am guided to colours and different techniques by listening to guidance (a very similar process as when playing the crystal bowls).

The images only exist for a few minutes before being ceremonially destroyed. 

Letting go of each painting is an important part of the process reflecting the impermanence of everything, how everything is connected and how everything that comes before informs the now.

They seem to name themselves and offer words to accompany them although many of them choose to remain silent.

The only evidence of the alchemical process of sound, intention, paint and meditation is a photograph, these are then printed on bamboo paper.

The Awakening Collection captures 27 of these moments and the Moon Collection is an open collection where a print is added during each moon phase. 

If you feel really drawn to images in the App (not contained in the two collections) please indicate this in an email to me – I also offer a Zoom call to explore what you are drawn to and to help you decide.

image sizes:

Please note the original visual transmission images are captured at different resolutions and the different sizes they are available at are indicated on the page of the relevant print. They vary from 6 x 6 inches to 22 x 22 inches.

original medium:


paper type & weight:

Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm 

printer method:



Sent tracked and signed UK or World Wide – delivery cost in addition to prints.