Images for reflection – Centred Soul

Images for reflection

Artwork created by K.K.Brown at the Forestside Healing Lodge and Recording Studio.

The creative process is a beautiful unfolding of never knowing when ‘its time to paint’ until that point arrives and I end up spending a day in the studio.

I feel guided when I paint. It’s like a strong inner tug at my heart, as though being called to action.

I move with what Im drawn to, noticing the colours that my hands move to, the way in which is it applied to the canvas, noticing my breath, the sense that there is a ‘me’ doing it…but also, that it comes from a place that is not ‘me’.

When I first felt drawn to painting I thought that each needed to be a tangible separate piece of art – it turned out very different in practice. Instead, it’s a process of layering on the same canvas. Each painting only lives for a couple of minutes.  

Once I take a photograph of the image that comes through, I am guided to pour paint over it and create something new.

Colours of the ‘old’ painting come through on the next one and so there is an interplay, a blending, they have their own will as such, and I never know what will come through.

The process is very humbling especially when my cognitive mind thinks I have made a ‘mistake’ when applying a colour. I later understand it was in fact required to create the image. It is beautiful process of letting go and receiving. The process shows me that even though I don’t understand something at the time, it doesn’t mean that it is a ‘mistake’.

Letting go of each painting is an important part of the process (for me personally) showing the impermanence of everything, how everything is connected and how everything that comes before informs the now. 

After the images have been born I reflect on them and they offer words to accompany them. Some of them have no words to accompany them – they seem to know when they want to speak and when they don’t.

 I often feel overwhelmed with tears when painting because I know that I could not, by myself create anything like that.  They truly are centred soul moments and I feel honoured to have been part of that process.

Prints will soon be available for purchase the website, although a number of people have already started buying prints by contacting me. Some the images to be offered are shown below, others are included on my Instagram account: centred_soul

I have a feeling tangible permanent pieces will unfold over time.

I await guidance.

through the soles of my feet
my breath meets yours
you inhale as I exhale
we slow dance
grounding and noticing.


I awaken to unnoticed parts within me
to inner tides
to outer cycles sitting within cycles
I awaken to the ability to deeply sense, feel, hear, to see beyond the limits of what has been taught
I awaken to the noticing of being breathed.
the stillness that contains the breath
to the peace of my beating heart
I awaken to ever flowing moments, whispering that I am held and safe.

heat beating
being breathed
gravity holding me in place
earth comes up to meet my body
none of these I do, yet everything is done.

movement without taking a step
seeing with eyes closed
hearing not from the ears
feeling beyond the edges of the skin
talking without spoken word
come walk with me..

Open to flow
Strength in the softeness of my heart
The mother that lives within me
Never can this bond break
I am your child forever

the touch of your words
taste of your voice,
the colours of your aroma
sound of your gaze…
…go on…I’m listening

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