moon transmissions

Moon embrace

Moon transmissions are located in the Centred Soul app are sound energy medicine and are a pause to tune into your heart space. They comprise alchemy crystal singing bowl sound and a visual transmission (artwork).

Each transmission is unique and is created around the time of the New or Full Moon in ceremony. When subscribed to the app you will receive two new recordings to weave into your own rituals.

When you listen to the moon transmissions reflect on what you are seeking to release and also what you are seeking to manifest.

As we release (this could be a habit, thought patterns, limiting beliefs and life situations) we free up space and energy to allow for the fullest unfolding of you in this lifetime.

In holding this space for you, my overall intention is that the shifts in energy that occur are guided by your highest self and ensure balance not just for you but all.

The images that accompany each recording form part of the transmission. Here you are invited to reflect on the shapes and colours in the image in terms of what you see and feel. These images will be uploaded onto the Shop page should you feel drawn to it.

How can moon transmissions support me?

A moon transmission is around 20 minutes of sound healing delivered through alchemy crystal singing bowls. The bowls were created with intention as healing tools. I partner with a selection of eleven bowls that span all the energy centres of the body and beyond. As humans, we are 60% water and crystalline in our make up. We are moved and influenced by the energy of the moon and these are powerful portals to link into that specific cycle of the moon and work with your personal intentions.

Each transmission is unique and are a beautiful way to:

  • connect with the moon and divine feminine energy,
  • work with your own intentions and guides,
  • ask for assistance to release what no longer serves,
  • bring in support from different levels of light beings,
  • access personal and universal wisdom,
  • recognise that you are of the earth and the stars – a divine child,
  • clear and recharge your energetic body; and
  • allow time to just receive, relax and reflect.
How and when should I listen to them?

Your intentions guide your experience and you can listen to the track in a way that feels supportive for you. I like to listen to the recorded tracks when falling asleep, as a meditation, taking a bath (listening while alert to ensure safety) or while walking in nature. You can include crystals when you listen by keeping them near you for clearing and charging.

You are also welcome to include the name(s) of people/places you wish to send nourishing energy to. You can do this by writing the name or place on a piece of paper and having it close by as you listen.

Headphones support the experience but are not essential. All you need to do is get comfy, limit distractions and allow yourself to receive the sound frequencies.

What should I expect during a session?

You will be led into the session with a guided relaxation and are encouraged to turn your attention inwards. If you are listening whilst walking use the guided relaxation to become present of your body in its surroundings.

Allow for gentle focus on your breath and set an intention for your body and mind to relax. If you decide to receive the transmission when laying down, it is ok if you drift off or fall asleep.

You will receive the frequencies of the sound transmission even if you are asleep or your mind wanders. Please note, if you are listening to the recording in the bath stay alert to ensure your safety.

You might notice a deep sense of relaxation as you receive the frequencies. You can also receive images, messages, colours and the body can twitch from time to time as the energy shifts.

If you do become restless know that this is okay. For some people, moving/stretching helps to shift and integrate the energy and I encourage you to do so if that is what is coming up in your experience. I’ve known people to listen to the sound whilst doing a physical practice such as qi gong, yoga asana or tai chi. I also know an experienced practitioner to listen while doing his daily run.

What is the quality of the recording like?

The transmissions are recorded at the Forestside Healing Lodge which is also a sound proofed recording studio. I have spent a lot of time researching and ensuring the recording equipment best captures the frequencies of the alchemical crystal bowls. I love how the recordings capture the depth and change of frequencies. (For a review of the sound please see the review at the bottom of this page).

Is a recorded sound session as powerful as attending a live one?

For anyone who has attended an in-person sound bath, receiving the sound is not just about listening with your ears, it is a very physical experience. With a recording we are still working energetically, and although the physical experience may be different the energetic response will be the same.

As we are also working in the quantum field, with me holding an intention for you, in a meditative space and working with spirit is very powerful. In my experience, my clients have commented that the most powerful healing sessions I have held were done so remotely. I personally feel that it allows for channelling to come through very clearly and in a very creative way. The review at the end of this page provides some feed back on the differences of in person, recorded and live zoom sound transmissions.

Is the sound suitable for children and pregnant women?

Children especially babies seem to respond to well to the sound in that they seem to be more relaxed and sleep better. There are two bowls in particular that create a delta wave that would support this. For pregnant women under 12 weeks, there is a general contraindication from Crystal Tones (who create these bowls). I feel it is because the emphasis is on spirit integrating with the physical body. Receiving the sound promotes a deep sense of expanding and becoming aware of reality beyond the physical body and the dimension we generally live in. As with any decision, feel into your body and notice the decision you drawn to.


“I absolutely love the sound medicine that Kamala carries. I have experienced her recorded meditations, the ones on Insight timer and a live sound bath over Zoom with her team of crystal singing bowls (I say team because she has 11 of these powerful bowls).

She has the beautiful ability to listen deeply to what is needed for the moment and I have been blown away by the ways in which her sound healing sessions have supported my healing.

I was amazed at the recorded sound bath session and how powerful the experience was. I have attended many different sound baths in-person and wasn’t expecting to have the same kind of experience but Kamala truly exceeded my expectations.

It speaks a lot to her ability to hold space and channel clear, strong, and high vibrational energy when playing her crystal singing bowls. It felt very much like they were showing her how to play in accordance to what my spirit was needing. I was able to reach a place of deep serenity and could feel the energy moving in my body and being cleared.

As a deeply sensitive person, it felt so good to be held in such a safe container and to receive such pure healing. I highly recommend everyone to experience the beautiful healing magic that Kamala holds” Natalie