Sample Page – Centred Soul

Centred Soul’s philosophy is to empower people to live more expansive lives by noticing the smaller things and yet seeing the bigger picture. Meditation is an ancient practice but it needn't be difficult, time consuming nor tied to a tradition or specific school of thought.

We especially believe that meditation has to be relevant to modern living, the pace of life and this fascinating time in the world's history given social, environmental, economic and political challenges.

Our approach to meditation is simple - we recognise that one size does not fit all, and that different people will resonate with different approaches.

Explore and find out what works for you from direct experience. For some people meditation will be an extension of their personal self care regime or a way of life. For others it offers support to life circumstances whether its an illness, a difficult emotional time, the desire to find some mental space or connect to something deeper. For others still, it will be about recognising and knowing our interconnectedness so that we can contribute to a step change on a personal level to support change at a local and global level.

Whatever your reason we trust that meditation is a very valuable tool on your journey of a centred soul.

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