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Sound Healing Sundays 7-8pm


Art work by Arna Bartz

Allow yourself to be guided into a deeply relaxed state.  Immersed in the sound of crystal bowls you are invited to release what no longer serves and to call in that which supports and nourishes you.  A perfect way to work deeply with intentions and prepare for the week ahead.

This session lasts and hour and is received whilst laying down.

Places are limited so please book in advance.

At the Equilibrium Natural Health Centre 23 Leafield Way, Neston, Corsham SN13 9RS
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The Wisest Part of You

Art work by Arna Bartz
Saturday 2-4.30pm 15th June 2019
Saturday 2-4.30pm 28th December 2019
Saturday 2-4.30pm 16th May 2020 


Kamala is an energy worker, meditation coach, sound healer and yoga teacher. She creates an outer and inward journey using movement, sound, aroma, taste, deep relaxation and intuition cards. Its purpose? to connect with the Wisest Part of You. In this place we can take advice from ourselves as to what needs to be released and how to best nourish our soul. This journey is supported by Alchemical Crystal Singing bowls and will involve energy balancing practices. A perfect session for those exploring energy work and in particular those in care and healing services.

This workshop includes a downloadable mp3 guided meditation: The Wisest Part of You.

Please book through Yoga Bodhi  (June and December Workshops)

Yoga Bodhi 8 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ
Phone: 01225 464848




Moving into Stillness – Exploring Meditation through movement

Art work by Arna Bartz
1pm-3.30pm Saturday 26th January 2019
Sunday 2-4.30pm 10th November 2019
Saturday 2-4.30pm 25th January 2020


Kamala is a meditation coach, energy worker, sound healer and yoga teacher. Weaving together these skills she creates a journey to deeply connect with the breath, movement and the part of us that just notices without judgment or a story. Different techniques are employed to create the journey to include creative free flow, walking meditation, visualisation, pranayama, guided meditation and an Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowl bath. This is an ideal workshop for those looking to create a strong reference point of inner stillness. It will be especially useful for those who find formal meditation challenging as it supports the discovery of stillness through movement. When we notice the inner stillness that already exists within we can then bring this into our ‘normal’ lives off the mat.

This workshop includes a downloadable mp3 guided meditation: Into the Silence.

Please book through Yoga Bodhi

Yoga Bodhi 8 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ
Phone: 01225 464848



The Sound Of Movement 

Creative Flow Yoga With Crystal Singing Bowls

Art work by Arna Bartz
Saturday 2-4.30pm 5th October 2019
Saturday 2.4.30pm 7th March 2020


Kamala is a sound healer, energy worker, yoga teacher and meditation coach. Through the allowing of a Yin and meditative approach, Kamala weaves together movement, breath work and energy practices. This nurturing flow is supported by the use of Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls.

Alchemical bowls work at a crystalline level with vibration supporting and balancing all levels of our being. Sound combined with directed awareness, movement and intention allows for deeper release and the discovering of more subtle levels of stillness. The session encourages participants to bring an intention of releasing what no longer serves and is a great workshop for individuals seeking: deep nourishment; to expand their practice beyond asana; exploring energy work, and those looking to clear and balance their energy field.

Please book through Yoga Bodhi

Yoga Bodhi 8 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ
Phone: 01225 464848