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The below tracks are recorded sound transmissions holding a specific intention depending on the track.

They differ from the moon transmissions and the bespoke sound transmissions.


To explain the difference I offer an analogy…

Ok, think of a meal and the different ways in which it can be offered. Sounds for your medicine bag (the tracks below) is like you visiting a restaurant. You are buying a pre set dish from the menu . They are nourishing, taste good and fill you up. You choose the meal (track) depending on what you feel drawn to.

With a bespoke sound transmission it’s like having a chef come to your home, make a dish specifically for you by knowing what you like and what your body needs.

A moon transmission is different again,  see these like having a guest chef visiting the town and offering a special dish at a restaurant for that day.

I hope that helps differentiate between the offerings. They are all here to ‘feed’ you so you can get on with your journey as a centred soul.


Please note that all prices are listed as British Pounds as that is where I live. A currency convertor link can be found here for ease of conversion.



Energy Centre Blessing 



This Centred Soul Transmission was recorded with intention to bring balance to the energy field of the listener. It is a powerful cleansing track, gently removing any unhelpful or stuck energies to release and be transmuted back to source. The track includes the following Crystal Tones alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls:  Divine Mother, Sunstone, Emerald, Moldavite and Rhodochrosite, Lepidolite with Mother of Platinum, Ebony Gold Morph, Andara Morp with Mother of Platinum, Andara in A and Smokey Quartz.

The recordings come as a package of four allowing you to experience the sound and extended recordings with or without a guided relaxation at the beginning.  The held intention works from the crown down to the root ensuring the listener is fully grounded once the track is completed.

As with all Centred Soul’s transmissions and recordings the space is held with the intent of grounding light, inviting the highest outcome for the listener and all.

The benefits of the recordings include: feeling physically restored and rested, better sleep, powerful clearing and light bringing qualities, energy grounding, integration of intentions, alignment and expansion of energy and helping to navigate and move through life changes.

The package of four tracks include:

  • 25min Energy Centre Transmission (No Guided Introduction)
  • 32min Energy Centre Transmission (Guided Introductory Relaxation)
  • 50min Extended Energy Centre Transmission (No Guided Relaxation)
  • 60min Extended Energy Centre Blessing Transmission (With Guided Introductory Relaxation)

This centred soul moment was created by K.K.Brown

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Smokey Quartz Rain


Created on the 31st October 2020. This track combines the sound of the Smokey Quartz Crystal Alchemy bowl with the sound of water from heavy rainfall on the Blue Full Moon in Taurus. This track is beautiful to be received in an alert but soft sitting/laying position. It is also supportive for fluid movement, when creating, and after ceremony for those attending and space holders.

Held intention: Allow the listener to release any energy that does not serve, to recharge, ground and act as a conduit of light.

As you listen imagine the rain falling through and thanking Mother Earth for transmuting these energies.
Sound and Artwork created and recorded by K.K.Brown at the Forestside Healing Lodge/Recording Studio.









donating to the World Land Trust ,  8 Billion Trees  and Greenpeace 



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