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“Like a raindrop
finding it’s way back to the ocean
my path is crooked
it is the straightest route”.




I offer two types of of bespoke sound transmissions. Details on each and how to book are found below. If you would like to combine a personal and land/property transmission or would like to work with a number of intentions please contact me via email: so that we can explore the Best approach for you.


A bespoke sound transmission is a 60min recorded session of alchemy sound.

Details on the alchemy bowls can be found here.

This offering differs to the moon transmissions in that they are focused more intimately on your energy field. They are supportive in helping shift stuck or dense energy, balancing ones energy field and are a beautiful way to work with your chosen intention. The intention that I hold is to allow the highest outcome for yourself and all.

In the actual session you will be guided into a relaxed state and I will be guided to play the sound according what is coming up in my awareness and how I am being guided.

On booking you will receive a Zoom invitation (which is a free platform where the live sound session will take place). During our time together, the video for yourself and me is disabled to allow our awareness to turn inwards and make the best use of the broadband width. However, before the actual sound session commences we can video explore your intentions and allow a space for you to set them. Please note that you do not need to discuss these if you do not feel called to do so – as I am working with your highest self at a soul level.

Our discussion will not form part of the recording but the guided relaxation will. If you have a temperamental broadband speed and we lose connection or our audio link is interrupted I ask that you stay in an easeful state and listen to some relaxing music. I will be energetically tuned in with you regardless and you will be sent the audio recording after the session. This recording is for you and is something that you and can come back to time and time again.

A bespoke transmission is an energy upgrade and can also be a gift that marks a life event. For example, a number of souls seek these transmissions at the time of birthdays, births, coming of age, weddings, anniversaries, blessing the family unit, exams, the arrival of a new pet, a house move, the start of the new venture, at the end of a relationship, illness and transitioning.

 I seek to make these as bespoke as possible and it each session works with a specific intention so you may chose to have serval sessions to work with different intentions.

Please email me on to arrange a chat so we can book in a time that works for both of us and to answer any questions you may have. 


property and land 

 Again this session will be recorded in my healing studio and the recording will be made available to the receiver to play in the relevant location. I am happy to speak with you prior to the recording to receive information relevant to space concerned.

Similar to personal transmissions this offering is aimed at physical spaces, land (including forests), homes, offices, buildings and bodies of water. Here, details of the physical space will be provided and I will place an image or map of the space in a crystal grid. I will tune into the land and work with the spiritual guardians of the land to balance the energy, create relevant boundaries, and clear any dense feeling and guide any stuck energy source.

This session will be recorded in my healing studio and the land/space will receive the sound transmission during the recording. To support this session the will be receiver guided to play the track in the relevant location or to have a map or image of the land in the vicinity of the sound.



Please email me on to arrange a chat so we can book in a time that works for both of us and to answer any questions you may have. 



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