Sounds for Your Medicine Bag TM – starter kit – Centred Soul

The below tracks are recorded sound transmissions holding a specific intention depending on the track.

They differ from the moon transmissions and the bespoke sound transmissions.


To explain the difference I offer an analogy…

Ok, think of a meal and the different ways in which it can be offered. Sounds for your medicine bag TM (the tracks below) are like buying a pre set meal when you visit a restaurant. They are nourishing, taste good and fill you up. You choose the meal (track) depending on what you feel drawn to.

With a bespoke sound transmission it’s similar to having a chef come to your home, make a dish specifically for you by knowing what you like and what your body needs. (please note I don’t actually come to your home these are recorded and offered in a quantum space via Zoom – it just helps to explain the analogy!)

A moon transmission is different again,  see these like having a guest chef visiting the town and offering a special dish at a restaurant for that day.

I hope that helps differentiate between the offerings. They are all here to ‘feed’ you so you can get on with your journey as a centred soul.


Please note that all prices are listed as British Pounds as that is where I live. A currency convertor link can be found here for ease of conversion.


Sounds for Your Medicine Bag TM – starter kit

Sounds for Your Medicine Bag TM – starter kit


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This package includes sound medicine (Mp3’s) that support your energy centres, helps you to ground and release and is support for your crystals and clarity of mind.  Energy Centre Blessing transmissions are offered with and without guided relaxation at the beginning, whilst Smokey Quartz Rain and Selenite Crystal Care are offered as sound transmissions alone. Your sound medicine bag will include the following transmissions that can also be purchased individually below: Energy Centre Blessing (4 audio tracks), Smokey Quartz Rain (two audio tracks) and Selenite Crystal Care (single track).

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