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meditation coaching

A meditation practice is like a warm hug on a cold day. However it might not start out like that and every day is different depending on what’s coming up in your life.

A lot of souls find meditating to be a daunting and difficult experience and a number and questions and obstacles can arise – one of the biggest ones being which ‘style’ is best for me….

My approach is for the dog to wag the tail rather than the other way round. In this context,  one to one coaching meets you where you are – your practice is supposed be something that you not something “should” do because it’s good for you.

The approach will be from the inside out and depend on on what approach resonates with you and establishing a foundational practice.

In our sessions, I will get to know you so we can work from the inside out, explore your “why” of seeking a practice, answer questions and obstacles and explore a foundational practice that resonates.

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