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workshops and classes

Centred Soul® offers its services through a number of ways, to include: workshops, sound healing sessions, transmissions and the weekly healing circle.  One to one appointments are also available on the Services page. All offerings are delivered  through Kamala Mann the voice and creator of Centred Soul. Kamala is a lightworker, intuitive energy healer, reiki master, sonic crystal practitioner, meditation coach and yoga teacher.


Benefits of Centred Soul offerings include: feeling physically restored and rested, better sleep, powerful clearing and light bringing qualities, energy grounding, integration of intentions, alignment and expansion of energy and helping to navigate and move through life changes.


Centred Soul offerings include:


Art work by Arna Baartz

Sound Healing Sundays

An hour of alchemical crystal sound where participants are guided into a deeply relaxed state to release what no longer serves and work with personal intentions. Further information on the session is provided on the venues website.

Offered on the first Sunday of each month: 2nd Feb, 1st March, 5th April, 5th July, 2nd August, 6th September in Bath, England at The Hive between 5-6pm  – Please book directly through The Hive

Places are limited so please book in advance.




Art work by Arna Baartz

Centred Soul Transmissions

Transmissions are offered around times of Full and New Moons.  These are powerful times to work with releasing and of letting go of what no longer serves and accessing personal and universal wisdom.

Centred Soul Transmissions™ are offered on the following dates (Further detail on the sessions are provided in the link below):

6th June 2020 2-3.15pm Larkhall Bath in England

31st October 2020 2-3.15pmLarkhall Bath in England


Art work by Arna Baartz

World Peace Starts With You – 21st September 2020 8.15-9.30pm


In support of World Peace Day a nourishing sound bath will be taking place at The Hive in Bath.  This will be a guided session of Alchemical Crystal Sound to bring light and peace into your own life and to offer it to the world. Proceeds of the session will be donated to the World Land Trust . Please book directly through the The Hive. 





Art work by Arna Baartz

Crystal Summer and Winter Solstice 2020

Solstice is a powerful time of transformation, reflection and setting intentions. Join us at The Hive to release what no longer serves and to set your personal intentions. The Summer Solstice session is a two hour workshop and will be supported with Alchemical Crystal Singing Bowls and will involve breathwork, energy practices, movement and a deeply nourishing sound bath.  You will be gifted with a reiki candle handmade by Kamala to energise and set with your own intentions.

The December Solstice session will be an hour of sound bath and setting intentions. Again you will be gifted with a handmade reiki candle.

10.30am-12.30pm- 21st June 2020 – Please book through The Hive. 

8-9pm 21st December 2020 – Please book through The Hive



Centred Soul Offers three workshops that form part of a series. There is no specific order to experience the workshops and participants are encouraged to attend whichever one they feel drawn to. The series of workshops have been created, and rest on the premise that we are an energy field with a human body existing and connected to a wider network or unified field.

Art work by Arna Baartz

The Movement of Sound – SOLD OUT

Crystal Flow (Your personal energy field and physical body).

This session weaves together movement and sound through a fluid yin approach.  Ideally participants will have some experience of physical yoga and deep relaxation as the session allows for a personal flow to emerge. The focus is releasing by following the sound and spoken guidance on movement. This is a deeply nourishing session for the body and energy field and allows the mind to bow to the movement of the body. Further information on the workshop is provided on the website of the venue (see link below).

Dates: Saturday 2-4.30pm 7th March 2020 at Yoga Bodhi, Bath.
Phone: 01225 464848 : Please book through Yoga Bodhi

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Moving into Stillness

Exploring Meditation Through Movement (Noticing the space that holds it all).

The focus of this session is to discover deep levels of stillness by experiencing different moving and guided meditations. The session moves between grounded and expanded stillness with a noticing that both exist at the same time, and that everything in creation rests in this scared space.  Further information on the workshop is provided on the website of the venue (see link below).

Dates: Saturday 2-4.30pm 17th October 2020 at The Hive, Bath.

Please book directly through The Hive

Art work by Arna Baartz

The Wisest Part of You  

Integration of Being (You are both a drop in the ocean and the ocean itself).

This session rests in the awareness of the heart. It honours physical form through movement and energy practices and a deep recognition of the space that holds it all. With these two ‘knowings’ participants bring their own personal questions to a guided journey to gain wisdom from themselves. This is an opportunity to rest in a deep loving space and a time to work with personal intentions.


Saturday 2-4.30pm 19th September 2020 at Yoga Bodhi, Bath.

Tuesday 2-4.30pm 29th December 2020 at  Yoga Bodhi, Bath.

Please book through Yoga Bodhi