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soul support

Kamala Kay Mann is the voice and creator of Centred Soul. She is a lightworker, meditation coach, energy worker, yoga teacher, reiki master, sound healer and sonic crystal sound practitoner.  Her loyal companion (Satch the Springer Spaniel) is a highly evolved soul and is tagging along for the ride…

On a path of self enquiry from a very young age and being an empath, Kamala’s own healing story has involved the exploration of different ‘tools’ as a means to navigate both being human and to notice the space that holds it all.

Being of Indian heritage and born and bought up in England, Kamala draws from a fusion of eastern and western philosophies and practices, sound, art and crystals to weave her own personal loom. Wisdom as she sees, is everywhere in all cultures and traditions and especially apparent when spending time in nature.

When coaching and leading workshops, Kamala’s aim is for individuals to ‘taste’ and explore different approaches through their own direct experience. Through guidance and self practice, individuals are encouraged to notice that different approaches can support them on a number of levels of their being. Her passion is for individuals to develop their own personal self care tool box with relaxation and meditation at its heart – with this in place individuals are empowered to cultivate a space where they can nurture themselves, unravel, heal, evolve and to know the deep connection of the space that holds it all.

As part of Centred Soul, she has had the honour of creating free recordings for Earth Day, International Women’s Day and World Peace Day to the internationally recognised music of Craig Pruess and Ananda and the beautiful flute music of the Nawang Khechog.


Keith Holmes of Jellyneck Productions – Cutting his teeth under producer Yoad Nevo (Sia, Bryan Adams, Moby, Goldfrapp, Girls Aloud) at Nevo Sound Studios in London, Keith spends his time working between London, Wales and Bath where his client list includes legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. He finds recording Centred Soul’s meditations a pleasant break from the noise and chaos of recording rock bands.



Arna Baartz  is an intuitive and conceptual artist with a fascination for life that inspires her work. She is also the founder and director of The I AM Program and author of The I AM Resources for home, school, classroom, community and business. Arna is an emotional Intelligence/self-esteem educator, poet and mother of eight wonderful children.

She lives on the other side of the world from Kamala in Australia and they connected in early 2018 with a view to  painting the icons for Centred Soul’s meditations. Since then the brief and the range of meditations have developed. The icons that have flowed from Arna are moving and capture the essence of Centred Soul






April 2018. Evie Anna Carter, Kamala Mann and Keith Holmes at the Recording of the Earth Day Meditation


February 2019 Arna sending love from Oz



Video – February 2019 Arna in the moment – Letting Go icon..