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a centred soul is...

Those who have supported and inspired the Centred Soul ® journey so far, were kind enough to offer the following responses.

If you have your own definition, please email us on kamala@centredsoul.com


“a centred soul is a person who learns to balance the inward life with the practicalities of the outward life, who comes to see the inner and outer as not being separate but instead as a continuum of living in which there is harmony with oneself and the world. This means giving attention and observation to the beautiful as well as the ugly, noticing WHAT IS, taking responsibility for the life that I live in relation to others in the fullest possible way. It also implies moving away from constant value judgements, toward direct perception and flexible responsiveness to the ever-changing world around us” Robin


“a centred soul is a being that remains grounded, secure, yet flexible –  whatever life may fling in its direction. In storm, it is the warrior who remains calm. It possesses a solid inner poise and knowing. A centred soul is also kind, gentle, and healing. It is a totem of strength. This strength isn’t achieved at expense of crushing or belittling others, as this would be a demonstration of weakness. The strength is derived from being a gentle, yet fierce protector when the need arises” Harnaik


“a being who feels integrated, as if all the pieces of the jigsaw are in place…a humble living link between earth and sky, centred in their own truth, unafraid to shine, yet knowing they are ultimately only a spec of dust reflecting the Infinite Mystery…” Sophie


“To me a centred soul means I am in flow. My mind, body and spirit align putting me in a state of abundance, growth, potential and honour with the universe. A state of grace bringing wherever Ive been, where I am now and the possibilities ahead together in blissful purposeful, harmony. Its a hyper state of gratitude” Rachael


“to be at peace” Funda


“for me a centred soul knows stillness, beauty and truth, and shines out it’s loving light to touch the hearts of others” Jeanne


“A centred soul is what we’re all striving for and we know it when we’re there. Peace from acceptance, freedom from conflict, certainty of direction and determination to support, share and encourage” Gillian


“a centred soul….One who rests at peace with who they are as human and spirit” Rowan


“You know where you’ve been, you know where you are and you know where you want to go” Mark


“ I think a centred soul would be someone who takes all the good/bad things in life and is able to keep balance in their mind to keep on an even keel emotionally. Also a soul at peace.” Kayla


“when I reflected upon a ‘centred soul’ I feel the life of the human moving in alignment with spirit. Listening closely, following with engagement, surrendering to love, embodying wisdom, and not holding up a pre tense and able to fall down, get up again and be much less than perfect. All is able to come close, no distance between what it means to be both human and divine, living it all” Prajna


“to be content and at peace with yourself and to know unconditional love” Natalie


“Centred Soul is an awareness of my unique Essence and its presence throughout my entire Being – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It reflects a rootedness of this Essence on the earthly plane which also reaches into the ether and beyond, all the way Home to Source. It evokes a sense of balance, harmony and deep peace…and from here, pure unbridled love and creativity flows in abundance. “ Kat